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(San Diego, CA- January 24, 2017)  –  Branded Seats™ introduces a brand new marketing innovation with application across all seat styles in venues around the world.  The Bleacher Display has been in development for a couple of years and is now ready for production. The Bleacher Display mounts flush with the seating surface and uses the same patented SnapGraphic insert, which is universal throughout the Branded Seats™ line up. This marketing insert can be changed out in seconds, is vandal resistant and is safe from power washing. The Bleacher Display also has a bold emblem that is molded in an accent color and can be used for Team, Sponsor or Venue logos, in addition to providing seat numbering on the front side.

Branded Seats™ is the “One Stop Shop” for all in-seat marketing solutions and provides revenue and marketing opportunities to venues and sport teams across the nation. This includes updating, retrofitting and/or replacing existing cup holders, adding new inventory by utilizing the SeatBack Display or adding a marketing element while improving the numbering in your bleacher section by installing the new Bleacher Display.

Branded Seats™ is also proud to announce the investment and commitment to become vertically integrated with all of its products by designing and manufacturing right here in the USA.  According to Branded Seats™ Founder, Shad Bruce “This is not just about supporting our Country and local economy, this helps with product quality, turn-around times and it is the right thing to do”.  

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Reinventing in seat marketing - Branded Seats™ provides cup holder and seat marketing solutions for franchises, venues and corporate partners.  Our patented products generate revenue opportunities and create unique branding impressions in an area that is closest to your FANS!  Proudly made in the USA!


Branded Seats™ Bleacher Display

Branded Seats™ Bleacher Display

Branded Seats™ Bleacher Display

Branded Seats™ Bleacher Display


Branded Seats™ patented invention has a tamper resistant snap lock that clips on to the existing cup holder. The retro-fit solution allows stadiums to choose between three new sponsorship/branding areas, which include a message at the top of the retrofit, an emblem that can be used for the team logo for website and molded in any color, or a main graphic panel that is fully update-able, and can be printed full-color on the reverse side of clear material. The retro-fit is applied without using stickers, and is currently developed to work with most stadium cup holders worldwide. Check out how our products and services can add value to your venue without the look of weathered, destroyed and unreadable stickers.


At Branded Seats™, we have been busy developing the newest addition to our all-star line-up of products. Branded Seats™ has created a new, patent pending  asset with the introduction of the SeatBack Display, which installs on the back of venue seats. The SeatBack Display utilizes the same weather resistant yet changeable full color snap graphic as our Cupholder Display to create a new branded environment at stadiums, arenas, and theaters for full seasons or jewel events.

The SeatBack Display offers the same great benefits as the Cupholder Display including:

  • Additional brand opportunities for partners
  • Increased sponsorship revenue
  • Receive revenue for “empty” seats
  • Operational messaging opportunity i.e. “Please use stairs in case of emergency.”
  • Creates a fresh NEW look for venue
  • Easily updated by staff

The SeatBack Display available with three customizable and tamper resistant emblems, and can be produced in any color to match your venue or team.


Branded Seats™ is happy to announce completion of its first installation of CupHolder Displays at the Kansas City Royal’s Kaufmann Stadium.

Apart of  a larger agreement with the Kansas City Royals to install nearly 1,000 units of its patented in-seat advertising CupHolder Displays in Kauffman Stadium’s Diamond Club Box and Diamond Club Seats, the CupHolder Displays debuted at the 83rd MLB All Star Game.

In addition to the CupHolder Display, more than 1,200 units of Branded Seats™ signature product, the SeatBack Display, will be installed later this season, and another 5,000  displays will be installed before the start of the 2013 season. Check out the images below of the CupHolder Display to learn about how in-seat advertising displays can generate new revenue opportunities and create unique branding impressions for all corporate partners.  

Branded Seats lands contract to install Pepsi-branded cup holders at Kauffman Stadium


After working with various stadiums over the past 14 years on sponsorship updates, Shad Bruce, owner of Branded Seats™, began to see a common problem in venues – the ugly sticker. The ugly sticker can be found on most venue cup holders and occurs when sponsorship stickers are not applied correctly by staff, vandalized by patrons, or simply worn out due to everyday wear and tear. Until recently, the only solution to the ugly sticker problem was to apply a new sticker over top of the old or replace the cup holder completely. Overtime, these solutions begin to look unprofessional for not only the venue, but also for the paying sponsor.

 With years of experience in branding solutions, expertise in product design, and a passion for making things better, Branded Seats™ began to look for a better solution to the ugly sticker problem. Our solution was to create a new advertising retro-fit for existing cup holders. The patented design of our product adds more sponsorship areas and provides a fresh look for venues. In addition, the advertising retro-fit is tamper resistant and easily updated which provides venues with an effective and cost-saving solution to the ugly sticker problem.

Branded Seats™will constantly strive to bring you innovative designs, state of the art manufacturing and value-added, out of the box ideas to help with your next sponsorship solution.  We strongly value our continued partnerships with architects, seating companies and various venues, allowing us to continue to develop our product offerings, as well as other elements within the venue sponsorship.

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Cupholder advertising using a sticker

One of the most common questions we receive regarding our product is, "How is it better than a sticker?” Although Branded Seats™offers many of the same benefits as traditional stickers, it also improves cup holder advertising by updating the look of branding, is an easier update process and creates more sponsorship options for venues to incorporate into marketing packages. Its our patented design that makes our product stand out from the rest. Branded Seats™ began from our own experience updating stickers in a local venue and evolved through the development of solutions to the common problems we saw.

Have you ever see the ugly sticker in your venue? It may be the sticker applied slightly crooked, tearing or peeling away from the cup holder, or maybe its the sticker that has not survived numerous power washing’s and the outdoor elements. Whatever your case may be, how do you think your sponsor would react to the way they are displayed to fans? Branded Seats™ solves the ugly sticker problem by giving venues a new solution. Our patented advertising retrofit snaps into existing cup holders. Instead of a sticker, the retrofit uses the same snap-lock technology for the graphic panel displaying the sponsor. Our inserts are designed to tamper resistant and withstand the elements better than a sticker.

Another difference between stickers and Branded Seats™ is the update process. Because Branded Seats™ sponsorship panels snap into a specific place the need to worry crooked sticker application is gone. The one step process of sponsorship panels is just as easy and convenient as sticker updates, and the end result looks better. Branded Seats™ sponsorship inserts can also be easily removed without causing damage to the insert; making panels reusable as needed. The easy update process solves application problems and ensures quality in application.

So how does this increase sponsorship options for the venue? Cup holders have proven to be highly beneficial for sponsors in the past because of their high visibility and exposure, as well as their researched success in engaging fans. With Branded Seats™ venues and sponsors can develop campaigns to engage fans through special promotions and offers. Ever wanted to create a promotion around social media on cup holders that can change every game? Now you can do it easily with Branded Seats™. In addition, our product adds three new areas for branding and sponsorship not available with a sticker giving sponsors new areas to shine. 


Branded Seats model prototype on display at IAVM 2011

Branded Seats™made its official debut at the IAVM VenueConnect trade show in Phoenix, AZ. Branded Seats™ exhibited samples of its patented advertising retrofits for cup holders, as well as offered attendees a sneak peek at the patent-pending seat back and bottom advertising panels currently in development. After four years of R&D, it was exciting to see Branded Seats™ launch at such a professional and welcoming event, and we are pleased with the interest that as been expressed so far by industry professionals. To request a sample please visit the contact page on Branded Seats™ website.


This patented invention solves the problem with cup holder sponsorships at stadiums.

Phoenix, Ariz., July 15, 2011 – Stadiums around the country can now breathe a sigh of relief. Shad Bruce, owner of Detail Design and Fabrication, (DD&F), a creative studio in Phoenix has just announced a new retro-fit solution to the messy stickers used for brand sponsorship and recognition on the cup holders at stadiums across the country. Branded Seats ™ is a patented new invention that clips on to the existing cup holder in a tamper resistant manner. The retro-fit solution combines three new sponsorship and branding areas and does not use stickers.

Working with stadiums across the country, Bruce knows firsthand what it takes to change out a sponsorship. “After numerous rounds of updates to cup holders, we realized this was a problem at stadiums worldwide,” said Bruce. Stickers are not easy-to-update, they are hard to remove, they get weathered and unreadable from sun, destroyed by cleaning products and are eventually vandalized and picked off.

“The only solution to date, was to apply a new sticker on top of the old sticker. Through this process, stickers get applied crooked, or they are only partially visible because of the position and angle of the seats. Overtime, this begins to look unprofessional for not only the venue, but for the paying sponsor,” stated Bruce.

As a product designer, Bruce resolved to find an easy-to-update solution for sponsorship changes. After many years, Bruce was been awarded several US patents for Branded Seats ™, utilizing this unique technology.

Branded Seats™ benefits venues by increasing brand awareness and sponsorship revenue. The new retro-fit is less expensive than replacing the entire cup holder with a new one and installs in just seconds, which is the only other solution at this point. Stadiums can choose from three new branding areas which include a message at the top of the retrofit, an emblem that can be used for the team logo for website and molded in any color, or a main graphic panel that is fully updateable, and can be printed full-color on the reverse side of clear material with a tamper resistant snap lock into the main body of the cup holder.

“Our team at Branded Seats™ is very savvy when it comes to finding solutions to problems, says Bruce, who also owns DD&F. Clients love that they can bring us problems that they find impossible to fix, and within days, our design team presents them with a few options to solve the issue. It is always a win-win situation for everyone.”

The new sponsorship panel is competitively priced with a normal sticker change out, and provides a fresh look for the stadium by covering up the old cup holder and sticker. They can also be easily updated by any staff member. This new advertising method is currently developed to work with most stadium cup holders worldwide.

For more information on Branded Seats™, please visit their website at .



Branded Seats™ is proud to announce that our products are now 100% designed and manufactured here in the USA.  This was an extremely important business decision for us.  “Made in the USA” still means something special: quality, dependability, safety, reliability—products that feature the most advanced technologies.


Welcome to the new Branded Seats™ website! We are excited to launch the new site and new products for 2016. We will be researching our very own CupHolder Display and a developing a new Bleacher Display. Now you actually have a choice when purchasing new cup holders and/or expanding your sponsorship inventory.