This is brand new cup holder (Not to be confused with our cup holder retrofit). It uses the same patented SnapGraphic advertising insert and dimensional logo emblem.

The NEW Branded Seats® CupHolder offerers many advantages over all other cup holders on the market:

• Modular design and interchangeable fitting multiple seating options
• Adjustable tilt to allow beverages to sit more vertically. No more spilling $3 of your $15 drink the first time your slip it in the cup holder
• Larger size to hold souvenir cups (ie: Mason jars, Team cups and larger food containers) 
• Two branding opportunities SnapGraphic + logo emblem (NO STICKERS)
• Closest ad real estate and messaging to your fans
• Updatable SnapGraphic advertising insert with no UGLY STICKERS
• Larger opening big enough to hold plus sized phones and other electronics