Branded SeatS® offers a full line of in-seat marketing products and solutions proudly designed and manufactured in the usa.

Have you ever tried to update 50,000 cup holder sponsorship stickers? These old stickers have been baked on by the sun and then power washed to shreds. There may even be two or three layers of old stickers to fight with. Remember you are attempting to do this while on your hands and knees! Well, we have experienced that first hand and I knew it was time for something different. With over 25 years of experience working with various stadiums on branding solutions along with a degree in product design and an extreme passion for making things better, Branded Seats® was born. We invented, patented and launched our first product; the CupHolder Display. Branded Seats® now offers a full line of in-seat branding and advertising solutions.

Branded Seats® has a simple mission:

• Introduce new marketing assets

• Assist with revenue generation

• Create cost savings

• Offer innovative branding opportunities

• Consistent and repeatable message delivery

Branded Seats® will constantly strive to bring you innovative designs, state of the art manufacturing and value-added ideas to help with your next marketing solution. We value our continued partnerships with architects, seating companies and various venues, allowing us to continue to develop our product offerings, as well as other sponsorship elements within venues. 

Effective, value-added marketing does not have to add clutter to your venue. Let Branded Seats® help you grow the number of assets in your inventory while increasing your corporate partner’s impressions.