Cupholder advertising using a sticker

One of the most common questions we receive regarding our product is, "How is it better than a sticker?” Although Branded Seats™offers many of the same benefits as traditional stickers, it also improves cup holder advertising by updating the look of branding, is an easier update process and creates more sponsorship options for venues to incorporate into marketing packages. Its our patented design that makes our product stand out from the rest. Branded Seats™ began from our own experience updating stickers in a local venue and evolved through the development of solutions to the common problems we saw.

Have you ever see the ugly sticker in your venue? It may be the sticker applied slightly crooked, tearing or peeling away from the cup holder, or maybe its the sticker that has not survived numerous power washing’s and the outdoor elements. Whatever your case may be, how do you think your sponsor would react to the way they are displayed to fans? Branded Seats™ solves the ugly sticker problem by giving venues a new solution. Our patented advertising retrofit snaps into existing cup holders. Instead of a sticker, the retrofit uses the same snap-lock technology for the graphic panel displaying the sponsor. Our inserts are designed to tamper resistant and withstand the elements better than a sticker.

Another difference between stickers and Branded Seats™ is the update process. Because Branded Seats™ sponsorship panels snap into a specific place the need to worry crooked sticker application is gone. The one step process of sponsorship panels is just as easy and convenient as sticker updates, and the end result looks better. Branded Seats™ sponsorship inserts can also be easily removed without causing damage to the insert; making panels reusable as needed. The easy update process solves application problems and ensures quality in application.

So how does this increase sponsorship options for the venue? Cup holders have proven to be highly beneficial for sponsors in the past because of their high visibility and exposure, as well as their researched success in engaging fans. With Branded Seats™ venues and sponsors can develop campaigns to engage fans through special promotions and offers. Ever wanted to create a promotion around social media on cup holders that can change every game? Now you can do it easily with Branded Seats™. In addition, our product adds three new areas for branding and sponsorship not available with a sticker giving sponsors new areas to shine.