This patented invention solves the problem with cup holder sponsorships at stadiums.

Phoenix, Ariz., July 15, 2011 – Stadiums around the country can now breathe a sigh of relief. Shad Bruce, owner of Detail Design and Fabrication, (DD&F), a creative studio in Phoenix has just announced a new retro-fit solution to the messy stickers used for brand sponsorship and recognition on the cup holders at stadiums across the country. Branded Seats ™ is a patented new invention that clips on to the existing cup holder in a tamper resistant manner. The retro-fit solution combines three new sponsorship and branding areas and does not use stickers.

Working with stadiums across the country, Bruce knows firsthand what it takes to change out a sponsorship. “After numerous rounds of updates to cup holders, we realized this was a problem at stadiums worldwide,” said Bruce. Stickers are not easy-to-update, they are hard to remove, they get weathered and unreadable from sun, destroyed by cleaning products and are eventually vandalized and picked off.

“The only solution to date, was to apply a new sticker on top of the old sticker. Through this process, stickers get applied crooked, or they are only partially visible because of the position and angle of the seats. Overtime, this begins to look unprofessional for not only the venue, but for the paying sponsor,” stated Bruce.

As a product designer, Bruce resolved to find an easy-to-update solution for sponsorship changes. After many years, Bruce was been awarded several US patents for Branded Seats ™, utilizing this unique technology.

Branded Seats™ benefits venues by increasing brand awareness and sponsorship revenue. The new retro-fit is less expensive than replacing the entire cup holder with a new one and installs in just seconds, which is the only other solution at this point. Stadiums can choose from three new branding areas which include a message at the top of the retrofit, an emblem that can be used for the team logo for website and molded in any color, or a main graphic panel that is fully updateable, and can be printed full-color on the reverse side of clear material with a tamper resistant snap lock into the main body of the cup holder.

“Our team at Branded Seats™ is very savvy when it comes to finding solutions to problems, says Bruce, who also owns DD&F. Clients love that they can bring us problems that they find impossible to fix, and within days, our design team presents them with a few options to solve the issue. It is always a win-win situation for everyone.”

The new sponsorship panel is competitively priced with a normal sticker change out, and provides a fresh look for the stadium by covering up the old cup holder and sticker. They can also be easily updated by any staff member. This new advertising method is currently developed to work with most stadium cup holders worldwide.

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