Branded Seats™ has been developing their all-star lineup of products to include the SeatBack and SeatBottom display, in addition to the CupHolder display. While creating these revolutionary new assets, the SnapGraphic insert was further refined to fit all models and has been a real game-changer when it comes to in-seat advertising. This product is like no other on the market. The SnapGraphic is weather resistant and easy to update in any of Branded Seats products and by reverse printing on the inside of a clear plastic insert, sponsor graphics and messaging last longer and maintain their clean look through power-washings and day-to-day wear and tear.  Placed less than two feet from target audiences, the SnapGraphic provides effective, value added sponsorship opportunities that are customizable, easy to change, and enhance the appearance of the venue environment. Branded Seats is excited to offer new solutions that will generate new sponsorship and revenue opportunities for franchises and venues to create unique branding impressions for all corporate partners.  Check out the SnapGraphic below or visit Branded Seats website for more information.

Branded Seats snap graphic