Cup holder sponsorships can be a valuable asset for both organizations and corporate sponsors. This seemingly small area has a surprising amount of advertising potential in a venue, and fans can’t help but notice. But if your cup holders have started to show the wear and tear of multiple sticker applications and use, the value of your sponsorship for the venue, sponsor, and fan may be diminishing.

Branded Seats™ has your solution. The patented design of our product adds more sponsorship areas and provides a fresh look for venues. The cup holder insert and sponsorship snap-graphic is tamper resistant and easily updated which provides venues with an effective cost-saving solution to the ugly sticker problem. The insert solution allows stadiums to choose between multiple sponsorship/branding areas. The main snap graphic panel that is fully update-able and can be printed full-color on the reverse side of clear material. The snap graphic is applied without using stickers, and the insert currently developed to work with most stadium cup holders. Check out the difference.